Monta Loma History articles

I’ve long promised Cheryl Smith, one of our local historians, that I would add more of her articles to the History page, and I finally did. I re-discovered that Pat Jordan had added some history articles from the newsletter to the wiki under Monta Loma History. I had not thought to look in the wiki for MLN history and others may not either, so I’ve copied those to the bottom of the History page.

On the History page, scroll down for the new additions:
– The Lost Town of Mayfield
– Our Neighborhood’s First Inhabitants
– 2005 Archeological Dig at Mayfield
– Monta Loma’s Airport in 1948


2017 Ice Cream Social — better than ever

Thanks to everyone, the many volunteers as well as the 300+ attendees, who helped make this year’s event such a huge success. Photos were taken by Jim Cochran.

New this year was a two-hour visit by the bookmobile.

The MVFD brought a fire engine for the second hour, and let kids practice using the smaller hose. Just before the engine crew left at 5:00, they shot off a huge jet of water that created a spectacular rainbow.

The Monta Loma History and Neighborhood Watch displays were popular once more, as was the CERT members’ presentation of their emergency equipment.

Attendees could learn about the new food-scraps recycling program, the Mountain View Educational Foundation, and the PTA.  Animal Beacons of Light received many donations of stuffed animals, and 30 Monta Loma tee shirts were bought.

Mountain View Trees members answered questions about tree problems. Wouter Suverkropp and Grant Grundler offered rides in the walking robots’ chariot and carriage.

Attractions for the children included Gizmo Gary’s balloon creations, an obstacle course, face painting and a crafts table, and Gloria’s cotton-candy machine.

MVPD Chief Max Bosel, City Council Member Lisa Matichak, and MVWSD Trustee Ellen Wheeler attended. They all appreciated the opportunity to meet Monta Loma residents, and their appreciation was echoed by the neighbors.

Thanks again to all contributed.


Eclipse viewing in Thaddeus Park

More than 70 neighbors responded to Dotty Calabrese’s invitation to view the Great American Eclipse in Thaddeus Park. Dotty set up her telescope with a sun filter on August 21, 2017, so we could look directly at the sun. Tim Slattery and Ken Wallace also brought telescopes. Dotty had bought 75 pairs of eclipse glasses well in advance. These proved to be not quite enough for all, but everyone was willing to share during what turned out to be a very festive neighborhood event.

Helene Gsell and Ken Wallace shared their photos.