Keeping Monta Loma Clean and Green

Garbage & Recycling Programs:  For information on Mountain View’s recycling programs and events visit the city’s recycling webpage.

Hazardous waste drop-off:  Household hazardous waste drop-off events are held on Saturdays throughout the year to enable you to dispose of paint, oil, cleaners, batteries, solvents and other household chemical products safely.  Call 408-299-7300 or visit to make an appointment.  You might invite neighbors to help fill your trunk.

Paint disposal:  You can now return empty or partially full paint cans to certain paint stores for no fee.  Find the list at

Young trees need water:  Give them a deep watering (10 gallons) near the trunk at least every two weeks during their first five years.  Lawns do best with infrequent deep watering, preferably before the sun comes up.

Walkable sidewalks:  Please trim your greenery back to the full width of the sidewalk and to a height of seven feet, as recommended by the City, and encourage your neighbors to do the same.

Street sweeping:  Help the sweeper clean your gutter by moving your cars and trash bins off the street the evening before the second and fourth Thursdays of each month.

Donate excess fruit:  Have excess fruit?  Mountain View Community Services welcomes donations of fresh fruit; contact 650-968-0836 or  Can’t pick it yourself?  Village Harvest will come and pick your fruit for free; or 888-378-4841.