2024 Annual Meeting & Board Election

The meeting on May 30 was the best one in recent memory, with at least 45 attendees.  Tricia DelGaudio used newsletter file photos for a slide show that ran on a continuous loop before the meeting.  Outgoing MLNA Board President Nirvana Nwokidu had prepared slides illustrating what the neighborhood association does, and the many ways that residents contribute to the neighborhood.  She began by introducing Andrea Thomas of the Welcome Team, who in turn asked the new residents to stand and introduce themselves.  The three couples had been greeted at the welcome table in the lobby by putting gold stars on their nametags so they could be welcomed by all.

Nirvana named the ways in which residents are kept informed (the quarterly newsletter; the email list; and the website, and encouraged to meet (the neighborhood garage sale in May, numerous block parties, and the ice cream social), plus Neighborhood Watch and CERT.

Because the election was not contested, Nirvana asked for a voice vote to confirm the election of the board candidates.  The 2024/25 board  took office on July 1, with only the positions of president and changing when Nirvana Nwokidu and First Vice President Olga Bright exchanged roles.

The business portion of the meeting was followed by illustrated talks by the guest speakers Mayor Pat Showalter and City Manager Kimbra McCarthy, who addressed topics of concern to our neighborhood, including the Rengstorff Grade Separation Project.