Garage Sale 2024 a success

Neighbors enjoyed meeting their neighbors and finding bargains on a lovely Saturday, May 11, making our fifth annual neighborhood garage sale another huge success.

The almost-fifty households that had registered to participate had their addresses, sale hours, and items listed on a printable document, and their locations marked on a map.  When other neighbors noticed all the foot (and bicycle) traffic, they also put their no-longer-needed items out in their driveways, boosting participation.

Feedback included these comments:  “We had so much fun!!!”  “Loved the grid with location, times, and types of goods!”  “What a wonderful neighborhood.  We are a multicultural group with people from all over the world.  We met, we talked …”  “It was great to see the neighbors, find new homes for useful things, and make room in the house on a pleasant day.  I feel that I had a better turnout than when the whole city is doing it.”  “It was a great way to socialize with our neighbors and feel a deep sense of community.  I look forward to doing this every year.”