About the Monta Loma Neighborhood Association

According to the Bylaws, the purpose of this nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonreligious association shall be to

(a) Work with community residents to stimulate and encourage community responsibility;
(b) Collect and disseminate information of interest to residents;
(c) Act as a sounding board for the concerns and grievances of residents and as an advocate for their rights, goals, and ideas;
(d) Coordinate and lend support to other community organizations and activities as appropriate; and
(e) Promote cultural, civic, social, educational, and recreational activities for the benefit of residents.

MLNA Board Members

President Tricia DelGaudio
First Vice President Chris Williams
Second Vice President    Nirvana Nwokidu
Treasurer Andre Valente  photo
Secretary Baidra Murphy
Newsletter Editor Heather Schoell
Member at Large Marilyn Gildea

To contact a board member, use the Contact page.

Board elections take place at the spring general meeting, and all positions are always open. You are encouraged to become involved with your neighborhood by volunteering for the MLNA Board. The Board meets approximately every six weeks, currently on a Wednesday evening, and prefers to limit meetings to one hour.

MLNA Board Position Descriptions

President: Presides over neighborhood meetings and board meetings. Represents the MLNA at meetings with the City of Mountain View and other entities.
First Vice President: Presides over meetings in the absence of the president. Represents MLNA and coordinates participation in organizations in which we participate.
Second Vice President: Presides over meetings in the absence of the president and vice president.
Treasurer: Maintains custody of funds. Supervises receipts and expenditures. Renders the annual statement on the organization’s financial condition. Prepares and submits reports required by law.
Secretary: Records minutes of the board and general meetings. Maintains the roll of officers, board members, committee members, and other members. Preserves records of MLNA’s activities in an historical album. Manages the MLNA’s correspondence.
Newsletter Editor: Publishes the association’s newsletter.
Member at Large: Has no specific responsibility. The Board may have more than one member at large.

Neighborhood Resources

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)   Tim Slattery
Traffic/Parking Liaison   John Canata
Neighborhood Watch Tom Purcell
Neighborhood Beautification Martha Elderon
Preschooler Network Elisa Ewing and Scott Lamb


Editor  Heather Schoell
Advertising Baidra Murphy
Distribution Linda Powers

MLN Email List

Monta Loma Neighborhood Email List
List Owner/Administrator/Moderator Apollinaris Schoell, Debbie Cunningham
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