The Monta Loma Neighborhood

There are approximately 1008 households in the Monta Loma neighborhood of Mountain View, which is bordered by San Antonio, Middlefield, Rengstorff, and Central Expressway.

New to Monta Loma?

Are you new to Monta Loma Neighborhood? Check out our New Neighbor page for information to help you getting settled in!

Monta Loma Home Styles

Read about the three predominate architectural styles in the Monta Loma Neighborhood: Eichler, Mardell and Mackay.

Neighborhood Events

Our MLNA events provide an opportunity to meet your neighbors, build camaraderie, and have a good time.


With the exception of our vice presidents, the current board members have agreed to continue to serve if reelected. The Nominating Committee (Jill Rakestraw, Isaac Taylor,

The Annual Meeting and Board Election will be on Thursday, June 2, at 250 Mayfield Ave. Please participate in the election. If you like what we’re

Spring Fling 2016, on Saturday, March 5, was another huge success, and Jim Cochran took photos. This year’s event enabled neighbors to partake in a number of activities, including