Holiday happenings report

John Bianco once again ran his dad’s model trains at the Bianco home on Adele for six evenings every week between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.  The children of several families came every evening to see the different train sets.

Articles about Ernie’s trains appeared in the Mountain View Voice in 20102012 (pages 1 and 9); 2016; and 2018 (pages 1 and 17).  A 2015 article in the San Francisco Chronicle features photos by James Tensuan, son of neighbor Donna Tensuan.

Karla Valente once again created a page to encourage Monta Loma neighbors to donate to Second Harvest of Silicon Valley.  Our contributions provided a nutritious mix of fresh produce, protein, and pantry items so that local families could enjoy a holiday meal together.  Each dollar helped provide food for two meals.  This year’s fundraiser raised $1,050.

Thanks to everyone who participated in these events.  You helped to make our holidays special.