Cat Rescue Organizations

Nine Lives Foundation of Redwood City

They take all sorts of cats at Nine Lives Foundation, if your in need of a feral or yard-only cat for rat control – highly recommended.
Shannon on Mardell Way (2020)

Bay Area Cat Rescue

This is a very good cat rescue. They never put the cats down. Get in touch with them at, and check their web site

They will come and take/trap the cats and kittens and do a good job of testing them, vaccinating, microchipping, etc. before they find homes. If you send a message, mention my name. Keep the kitten or cat around with food and water and let them know about it. They’ll do the rest. They even went to get an injured cat on the Dumbarton bridge recently! They are at Pet Smart every weekend from 1 to 4. Good luck!
Vera on Jane Lane

Places to Walk Your Dog

Short Drive (5-10 minutes)

  • Stevens Creek. Excellent place to walk, with a creek that dog can take a dip in. Can park at end of Crittenden or end of L’Avenida. Cannot go into Shoreline.
  • Shoreline Dog Park in Mountain View, at end of Shoreline.
  • Mitchell Park in Palo Alto. There’s an official fenced dog park here, on the Charleston side of the park.
  • Barron Park in Palo Alto. Nice walk/bike trail for dogs. There’s an informal off-leash area in the school, with lots of dogs on weekend mornings.

Medium Drive (15-20 minutes)

  • Baylands. End of Arastradero, or end of Geng (off Embarcadero). Pretty, but can get hot, as there’s no shade.
  • Bay Trail. Off Caribbean, which is off 237.
  • Stanford. There’s an informal off-leash area near the Mausoleum, and one near Lake Lagunita.
  • Windy Hill. Very pretty area in Portola Valley, with a creek at the bottom of Hamm’s Gulch. On-leash only, often patrolled by rangers.
  • Arastradero. Pretty, can get hot. There’s a lake for dogs to take a dip in.

Longer Drive (20-40 minutes)

  • Pulgas Ridge. Near Edgewood Park. Formal off-leash area in the center. Wooded.
  • Fort Funston. Mecca for dogs. Huge off-leash area, with dunes and beaches, water bowls, bags, and tons of dogs. Near San Francisco, off 35.
  • Oyster Bay. Big off-leash area near the Oakland airport, scruffy, tons of jack rabbits.
  • Mission Peak. Hill hike with cows. Dogs may be off-leash if under voice control (e.g., they don’t chase cows).

Dog-Friendly Places at a Distance

  • Tahoe. Very dog-friendly, off-leash anywhere in Tahoe National Forest, lots of dog-friendly hotels and restaurants.
  • Carmel. Very dog-friendly, off-leash beach, lots of dog-friendly hotels and restaurants.

Veterinary Services / Hospice / Euthanasia

Peaceful Pathways In-Home Pet Hospice and Euthanasia

Dr. Chrissy Metzger, VMD, (650) 316-5069

Dr. Metzger will come to your home, medicate and put down your pets. We had a very sick cat and he needed urgent care. She was kind and compassionate, and tried to minimize our stress, despite it being a stressful process.
Shannon on Mardell Way (May 2020)

Los Altos Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Christine Yee, DVM, 650-948–8287

Dr. Yee was good with our cats and helped with keeping track of their vaccines. The office is in a nearby location, and fairly affordable for a vet.
Shannon on Mardell Way (March 2020)