Cat Rescue Organizations

Nine Lives Foundation of Redwood City

They take all sorts of cats at Nine Lives Foundation, if your in need of a feral or yard-only cat for rat control – highly recommended.
Shannon on Mardell Way (2020)

Bay Area Cat Rescue

This is a very good cat rescue. They never put the cats down. Get in touch with them at, and check their web site

They will come and take/trap the cats and kittens and do a good job of testing them, vaccinating, microchipping, etc. before they find homes. If you send a message, mention my name. Keep the kitten or cat around with food and water and let them know about it. They’ll do the rest. They even went to get an injured cat on the Dumbarton bridge recently! They are at Pet Smart every weekend from 1 to 4. Good luck!
Vera on Jane Lane