Thaddeus/Emmons/Richard Court Block Party September 2019

Bryce and Tricia help Teresa get a nametag.
Dotty, Ruth B., and Ken lay out their contributions to the potluck.
Alice chats with Ruth R. as Pat Y. and Marilyn fill their plates.
Alexis, Ken, Ruth B, Joy, and Bruce choose their dinners.
Mary and Annie check out the beverage tubs.
Linda H. chats with Ruth R.
Bryce looks on as Silke presents Maria K. with special cupcakes for her 93rd birthday.
Carolyn checks something for Teresa as Donna H. notices Jim taking photos.
Joan, David & Anita, Michael and Bryce.
Having extra tables and chairs enabled us to move around and visit with everyone.
Pat M. sat in while Ashton had a snack.
Amanda, Louis, Katie, and Carlos.
Dotty and her near neighbors Lillian, Claudia, Hiroshi, and Cory.
Amanda and her son Louis.
Alice and Maria share a laugh with Hiroshi, Cory, Lillian, Claudia, and Dotty.
Tricia, Carolyn, Marilyn, and Donna discuss the fresh figs.
Maria K. at 93.