Photos of the 2015 Spring Fling


Spring Fling March 7, 2015

 Spring Fling March 7, 2015, at Monta Loma Elementary School


Welcome Table: Elyse Krupnick, Carolyn Len, Nirvana Nwokidu  Elyse Krupnick, Carolyn Len, and Nirvana Nwokidu welcomed visitors.


Karen Meredith explains the Veterans Memorail to John Inks

 Karen Meredith explained the Veterans Memorial to John Inks.


Gloria and Ari make cotton candy

 Gloria and Ari made cotton candy.


Gizmo Gary

 Gizmo Gary brought his balloons.


Tom Purcell at MLN History display

 Tom Purcell at the Monta Loma Neighborhood History table


Monica Haupt, Bob Jahnke, Marty Pulvers

 Monica Haupt and Bob Jahnke (left), Marty Pulvers (right)


CERT members John Thomas, John Partlan, Tim Slattery

 CERT members John Thomas, John Partlan, and Tim Slattery


PTA's book sale

 PTA’s book sale was on the stage.