Ernie’s trains ran again

Ernie Bianco’s son, John, and the rest of the Bianco family continued the tradition of running his model trains evenings on Adele Ave. between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The display was featured in the December 21, 2018, issue of the Mountain View Voice (on pages 1 and 17), and drew more than a hundred people on some nights. Sandra H. commented, “We walk over every evening when it’s clear. It’s a great way to get the kids outside, even though it’s dark. It’s the highlight of our year. John is a neighborhood hero!”

Neighbor Elna Tymes reported, “The trains were a huge success during the evenings leading up to Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day. Lots of happy, appreciative people, ‘kids with their faces all aglow’ and adults fascinated, too. Unfortunately, it rained and was windy in the late afternoon and early evening of Christmas Eve, so my daughter-in-law didn’t sing this year, but John was out by the garage as usual.”

Articles about the trains display also appeared in the December 12, 2016, issue of the Mountain View Voice, in the December 21, 2010, issue, and on pages 1 and 9 of the November 30, 2012, issue.