No Solicitation

A Neighborhood Watch member in another Mountain View neighborhood prepared a No Solicitation notice that you can print and fill in, ready to give to any solicitor. But since the police strongly advise against opening your door to a solicitor, a safer method is to ask the solicitor to leave literature with an address on your doorstep. You can then use the address to mail a copy of the No Solicitation notice to the company. You can also send the notice to the address on ads left on your doorknob or driveway.

Note: If you have a No Soliciting sign posted, solicitors are not even allowed to knock or leave anything behind. Political canvassing for an office or a cause is covered, as well as the meat man and the bogus 20- something “from the neighborhood.” None of these have the right to come to your home if you have a No Soliciting sign posted.

Remember: The police recommend that you don’t open the door, but do not pretend that you aren’t home, either. If you’re concerned about talking to a solicitor when you’re home alone, call out something such as “Honey, would you bring me my cell phone?” so the solicitor will think you’re not alone. Never argue with or engage a solicitor. If he/she is aggressive or won’t leave, call 911. And don’t forget to keep your doors locked even when you are home.

Your personal safety is the primary objective. Print the Keeping Monta Loma Safe handout for information on when and who to call.