COVID-19 – A Message from the MLNA

COVID-19 – A Message from the Monta Loma Neighborhood Association

We are all facing unique challenges right now and for some those challenges are greater than others. I am so heartened by the way our neighbors are responding to the challenges of the COVID-19 situation with offers of help and tips on the MLN email list and Nextdoor. 

In order to help support your efforts, Monta Loma Neighborhood Association board members have been compiling these offers, plus a list of other helpful resources, at

We have also employed the technical resources of our organization to set up a centralized errand-running support list. More information on how to help as a volunteer and to make requests is summarized below.  

Future plans have also come into question. Will we be able to have the annual meeting, neighborhood garage sale, block parties, or the beloved ice cream social? We hope so, but we will follow the advice of our local and state governments. Your safety is our priority.

In these trying times, check in on one another with an email or phone call. Thank those who are working in grocery stores, pharmacies, and hospitals. Be safe, stay healthy and know that we will get through this, together.

—Tricia DelGaudio and the MLNA board, 22 March 2020

Willing to volunteer as an errand runner?

Add on to your already planned trips and help a neighbor at the same time.

  1. Contact Andre Valente at to be added to the volunteer dispatch list. (
  2. When requests come in to the list, and it’s one you’re able to help with, email back to the dispatch list to let the others know you’re on it. 
  3. Reply directly to the requester to let them know when to expect their delivery and arrange payment.

Need help with a simple errand?

If you are unable or uncomfortable going out and need help, the volunteers may be able to help you out.

  1. Email the volunteer dispatch list with your request: 
  2. Include: your name, email/phone number (and if texting is OK), the item(s) needed from which store, drop-off address, and if specific timing applies.  
  3. If you do not have internet access, you can call the board phone number with the above information, and your request will be forwarded.
    (650) 691-5258

*Please keep in mind, your neighbors are the volunteers. Keep the requests reasonable and pay promptly.

Check in on Your Neighbors. We have a special edition of the MLNA Newsletter with this message and links to our resources page; you can find it at this link. Print a copy and share it with those who may not have internet access or who may not be on the MLN email list.