Travel agents [Ported from old WIki]

Brazil Fiesta

If visiting Brazil, there is nobody better. The owner (me!) is an MLN resident. We’ve been in business selling Brazil for 25 years. We know Brazil, It’s the only destination we do! 800-200-0582

Beth Marciel

Beth Marciel ( is fantastic. Not only has she put
together the easy trips (for me and one or two companions), but twice
now she’s put together the whole trip (once an Alaskan cruise for 18,
once a multi-stop trip to Hawaii for 13) with adults and children coming
from several different parts of the US. I can’t say enough positive
things about her.


I used to use Casto for corporate travel and they were fantastic. We were always changing flights at the last minute and they never failed to take care of us.

Marvee Bessey

I have used Marvee Bessey for years for private travel and she has also done all the travel arrangement for the startup I used to work for. 

Beyond the Bay – I use Patti or Maureen, but they’re all nice.  738-4980 They are good for complex trips that I cannot do online.

SideStep – a compilation of many databases; good deals,
especially if you go at off-hours.

Peru / Inca trail – if travelling to Cusco/Machu Picchu/Inca trail.  Their prices were the cheapest I could find, so I was initially a little doubtful, but our experience was awesome