City of Mountain View Block Party Rules and Regulations


Block Party Permits will be issued by the Chief of Police or his designated representative when applicants for such permits have satisfactorily demonstrated that such permits will not be detrimental to the peace, safety, health, and welfare of those citizens residing in or adjacent to the permit area.

Application MUST be submitted at least 30 days prior to your event.

STREET CLOSURE: Event organizers are responsible for signs and equipment (i.e. cones, barricades) needed to close down streets. These can be purchased at hardware stores. The city will not provide signs or other equipment. The barricades are to be easily removed by one person to permit access to emergency vehicle. Automobiles will not be used as barricades. The street right-of-way is not to be blocked with any booths or other obstructions other than the barricades. The fire hydrants are to be kept clear. No spray paint can be used on the streets or sidewalks.

ALCOHOL PROHIBITED:  No person shall drink or consume any alcoholic beverage or have any open alcoholic beverage upon any public right-of-way (street, sidewalk, median, parking lot or any other public property, etc.) or upon any private sidewalk, building apron or parking lot open to the public.

AMPLIFIED SOUND PROHIBITED:  In recognition of the rights of residents in the vicinity to enjoy the comfort of their homes in normal peace and quiet, the use of sound amplifying equipment is prohibited.  The words “sound amplifying equipment” shall mean any machine or device for the amplification of the human voice, music or any other sound.