CERT Training Dec. 2005. Andy Rose, Mike Ritz, Mary Lou Easton, Tim Slattery, Alex Harvey, and Marilyn Yanicks pose for a group portrait.

Chuck Henderson, Scott ?

Chuck and Cookie Henderson, Jerry ?, Buff Furman, Kaj Rekola

Buff Furman, Jerry ?, Kaj Rekola

First Aid; Mary Lou prepares to get Marilyn on onto backboard.

backboard cart

Tim Slattery demo of GMRS

Ken in trailer

Shelley Ritz and Vera Lind

Sarah Doxiadis


Shelley Ritz takes notes

? with Cookie and Chuck Henderson

Wanda and Joy Furman play disaster victims during the training exercise.

Maria Harnoto plays another victim.

Shelley Ritz

Mike, Alan, Alex Harvey

Joan and Wally MacDonald check the tent instructions.