Neighborhood Garage Sale Saturday, May 4

The Monta Loma Neighborhood will hold its fifth annual garage-sale/driveway-giveaway event on the first Saturday in May.  The City is postponing its citywide garage sale until September 14/15, so ours will be a more neighborly event.   Mark your calendar now, and plan to participate as a seller or a shopper, or just to go for a walk and visit with your neighbors.

Previous years events were a huge success.  Comments afterward included, “Thanks for organizing…”  “We met some new neighbors, and it was fun.  I got rid of things I never use.”

Last year, more than 50 households participated, most registering on the Monta Loma list and map.  Between 1:00 and 5:00 on the afternoon before the sale, Joan MacDonald will again welcome donations of sellable items for her sale, which benefits the Community Health Awareness Council (CHAC).

To register your sale, send a message via the Contact page.  Be sure to include your name,  street address, sale hours, and a few of your items.

The list of participants and a map showing their addresses will be made public shortly before the sale date.