MLN guidelines for use

This email list is just one of the important components of our close-knit community and we are working hard to keep it running smoothly. Our hope is that helpful information is shared, an atmosphere of courtesy and civility is maintained, and that we all enjoy the benefits of being part of a very special neighborhood.


This list is a service to the neighborhood and We welcome subscribers who live local in Monta Loma  or own a home in our neighborhood and want to keep in touch.

  • If you are not sure if a post contains accepted content then get approval from moderators before sending. You may send your email to:
  • This email list is an information sharing and networking list about local topics only, NOT a discussion or a chat list. (This includes city, state, national or global areas of interest as they pertain to our community.)
  • Follow common rules of Netiquette. (See below suggestions for proper etiquette when communicating on this email list.)
  • Please keep your message considerate and concise.
  • Respect others, their time and resources, by posting only relevant content.
  • Message size is limited to 3MB. Pictures and attachments are allowed but must not exceed the size limit or your email will be automatically discarded. If this happens just resend your email with smaller pictures or attachments.
  • Check who you are replying to. Please do not reply to “all” if the information is only relevant for the original sender. Remember everyone else will have to delete the email meant solely for one recipient.
  • We ask new subscribers identify themselves to confirm you live/own property in the neighborhood. We do not store any private information other than the email address. We value privacy and do not share the list of subscribers in any form with anyone. Harvesting email addresses is not allowed.

Here are some examples of what is considered respectful for this list. 

  • Treat others the way you expect to be treated. Use kindness when addressing someone whether they are part of this list or not.
  • If you are having an emotional reaction to a post and are eager to post immediately, please take some time and reflect upon your words, this is not a place for venting, shaming, assuming the worst of others, making accusations, attacking or getting others on board with what you are upset about when in the heat of anger.
  • No gossip or slander.
  • No discussions.  Because a topic is important to you doesn’t mean the entire list (of hundreds) is necessarily affected by or is interested in that cause. (A “Cause” or deep feelings/reactions to people or situations or issues is not a valid reason to email the entire list if your topic does not pertain to them, individually or as a community. If you are unsure if a topic is relevant to the list, please check in with us.) We can point you in the direction of forming a (GOOGLE,Yahoo,FB,..) GROUP for your topic of interest.
  • No politics, religion, beliefs …. (Politics: an example of a sanctioned post would be a forum or debate with several candidates represented. Religion: If a religious organization is offering charitable services, such as St. Athanius providing groceries to the food insecure or a play or concert is OK, but advertising your church service or religious activities is not permitted. Beliefs: There are discussion groups that can be formed for sharing thoughts and opinions and feelings about events/issues/etc., but the MLN email list is not that place.) if you are unsure, contact the moderators.
  • Advertising or commercial postings.
    • Local business owned by email list members may announce 2 times a year.
    • Occasional private sale offerings or requests are ok. (Garage sales, giveaways, needs, etc.) Try to limit this to 2-3 times a week. If you are super active on the list consider consolidating your needs or information into a single email – resulting in fewer emails. We’ll reach out to you if it seems you are sending excessive emails that can easily be consolidated.
    • Recommendation or review of a local business is acceptable if it is not done for compensation or a favor.
  • No campaigning, recruiting for your cause, soliciting for contributions of any sort without prior permission from moderators.
    • Announcements for political, religious events may be posted if permission is granted by moderators. Only non-partisan and inclusive events please.
    • An example for allowed event promotion is the donation drive for Second Harvest at the yearly Progressive Dinner.
  • No offerings or request for illegal goods or services. For example the sale of food prepared at home requires special permit in CA. (Free food is not affected)
  • Sharing and review of health care services that operate legally is ok.  Medical advice is not allowed. If not sure ask for permission first.
  • No cross-posting to other lists or emails. bcc to the list will be rejected.  (Be aware that “reply-all” to a post may reveal previous sender(s) on cc.) (If you belong to a google group and wanted to also share information to the MLN list, get permission from the moderators first. It’s an issue of confidentiality and helps to reduce excess emails going out.)
  • Be mindful when forwarding private email to the list. You should receive consent from author to broadcast to a wide audience.
  • If you have technical, operational or support questions about the workings of the list, this query should go to moderators directly at No need to send to everyone.

Thank you for reading the above Guidelines, usually they would be less defined, but we are new moderators, with a new email platform, in unusually stressful times and recent issues/communique have required a more thorough explanation of the rules of this list.


If we encounter content in an email sent to the list that violates the above guidelines then we may ask privately or to the whole list to stop. If you receive email from the list or a response in private that you feel violates the guidelines feel free to reach out to us.

If we feel a more drastic response is required we may put individuals or the whole list on moderation until we feel it’s no longer needed. Moderation is most common on an individual level, but in times of heated debates, out of control discussions/arguments or erroneous information, a “list-wide” moderation may be put into effect. This short-term action allows us to communicate what is and is not acceptable. Moderation simply means that email will be held up until one of the moderators has a chance to review and approve it. It will then be released and sent to the whole list. You will receive an “auto reply” informing you of the delay due to moderation.  Moderation and screening of emails means more work for us. Since we moderators are not connected to our devices 24/7 it may take 24 hours or more to have email approved and sent to the wider audience. (Note gmail users do not get a confirmation that email was sent. See the Howto for options)

While on moderation responding to individuals on the email list (example: responding to someone offering a free item, etc.), is not delayed, only emails to the entire list.

If you are currently on moderation and feel it is by mistake contact us immediately. We will provide an explanation and instructions on how to be removed. Know that this will not be an opportunity to debate, demand change, become belligerent or combative. If you are on moderation there is a reason for it, and there will be a way to have that lifted. If we see a pattern of repeated behavior, a habit of disregarding the rules or a lack of cooperation with the moderators, then moderation will continue or more drastic actions may occur. There may come a time if the above behavior continues without change or if we as moderators get harassing or disrespectful emails from you, that we must part ways. This may not be the list for you. We will remove you from the email list permanently.

Also a reminder that this private email list is run by volunteers who have been entrusted by the community to facilitate communication in this community. We will have the final say on the perimeters for this list. We are always open to your input and will adjust if we deem it beneficial for this list.

It is up to the discretion of the moderators to define “respectful” behavior.