MLN email list HowTo

How to reach the Moderator or list admin

send email to or click here

How to subscribe/unsubscribe per email

  • Subscribe: Send email with the word  “subscribe” in the subject to or click this link.
  • Unsubscribe, some email readers like Gmail, Apple email show an option to unsubscribe. Or send email with the word  “unsubscribe” in the subject to or click this link

How to change preference. How to access Archives

Web access for subscription, settings and archives, subscribe, unsubscribe at

Access to archives or change of user preferences requires to register for an account. Click on “Hi, Guest”  in top right corner to sign in or create a new login. This is required even if you are already subscribed and receive/send emails to the list.

Once registered you can access the archives or change preferences. important settings

  • Time zone. This is used to show time of emails in archive. Default time zone is “New York” change to “Los Angeles”
  • Delivery Status. Can be turned off if you read only the Archives
  • Delivery Mode. All users kept Regular or Digest from old list. New subscribers will be set to Regular by default and can change here.
  • Receive own postings. Default is on. BUT this does does not work for Gmail users. This is a Bug in Gmail. See here for details 
  • Acknowledge posts. Off by default. Recommended to turn on for Gmail. You will get a confirmation that the email was sent to the list with Subject “MLN post acknowledgment” Alternatively you can check if its in the archives.
  • Hide address. This setting is on for MLN globally. Your email is not shared with anyone in public or the subscribers.   No need to change but harmless if you choose to set it on.
  • Receive list copies. Recommended to keep it off. If turned on you will get 2 copies if you are on CC: One direct from the sender and another from the list

All/some email go to spam/junk folder

So far this has been reported mostly by Yahoo email.  Yahoo is the service for many others like,, aol and many more. This has happened before the transition already for some.  Few gmail users have reported similar. Please try these changes

  • Login to the web interface of yahoo, gmail, … . Presumably Yahoo, gmail  email app on iPhone or Android may work too.  Check spam folder and mark messages as not spam.
  • In web interface add all addresses used by the list to the address book
  • more info about spam filtering and email can be found here.

Why is my message moderated or rejected

You will get a message why it is on moderation. Make sure to check spam folder and follow advise above for spam problems
If a message is rejected or discarded you may not see another reason or explanation.

  • Size. Currently set at 3 MB. Please make sure to limit the size of pictures. I understand you all got high end smartphones and can make impressive pictures. Unfortunately email is not the right way to share full resolution pictures. Please reduce size or share them via link to something like Flickr, Google, iCloud, craigslist …. Make sure to not hide them behind a password. Links to Facebook or Instagram do not not work for everyone.
    resources for resizing images:
  • Implicit destination, email address tags and similar hacks
  • Too many recipients. Please do not keep everyone on cc for every reply. And do not  add others who are not on the list.   There is a hard limit of 10 recipients.
  • moderated topic. topics creating heated discussions will be stopped and put on moderation. See guidelines .
  • moderated user. User not following the rules will be put on temporary moderation. repeated or serious offenders will be on permeant moderation. extreme offenders or spammers will be removed permanently.
  • non-member posts
  • Emergency moderation. If things get out of control all users will be on moderation until things cool down.

It’s free and amazing, why is no one responding?

  • Are you sure the message was received and sent to all? Check inbox, and spam folder if message was rejected.  Fix the problem and send new message

Digest isn’t working what are my options

  • change to regular email. Add a filter in your email client to move them in a folder and read when desired. This keeps inbox clean.
  • Turn off email delivery and read archives.
  • Use a better email reader. See  below some limitations of common programs.
  • change to plain text digest. Be warned this looks ugly and not very useful. This is for nerds who  know what they are doing.

Why is my digest unreadably/strange looking

Digest mode has greatly improved and follows all standards for email. Default format is mime digest. Digest consists of a series of attachments.

  • Summary. Numbered list with the subject of each email. Just like table of content in a book
  • Each email as attachment in the same order as listed in summary

This format allows to reply to the original email with correct subject and it will be added correctly in Thread view of email clients and in the archive.  Unfortunately some email clients mess with this format and try to beautify it or fail to display some content. Unfortunately some email clients have bugs and do not work correct. Details for some

  • Outlook, Sometimes does not display the summary. All original emails are presented in a list/array and there is no way to match it to the numbered summary. part of subject may be shown for attachment. User has to click each attachment to open the message. On the positive side this allows to reply to individual messages. Outlook versions may differ and Outlook on Mac OS is different than Windows version
  • iPhone/iPad Mail. shows correct summary. All emails are listed sequentially. User needs to tap attachment to download/read/reply
  • Apple Mail on Mac OS, Thunderbird,  Web interface (Gmail, Roundcube) , messages are opened and shown in sequence after the summary. Pictures attached to original email are sometimes pushed to the end with no information where they came from. No option to reply to original message. Go to list archives as described above and reply to individual message from there
  • Horde (webmail client used by many hosting companies) shows a hybrid of emails as attachment and text is shown too. pictures are not shown in summary. individual email can be opened to show pictures.
  • Yahoo  webclient. Only summary is shown. Click in bottom left On the tiny text “Show original message“ to see content of original email. Unfortunately all headers are stripped away and context is lost. its not possible to know what was the individual message.
  • Others? Please report back to and it will be updated here