Records indicate that the Monta Loma Neighborhood Association was organized in 1977, and we are celebrating its fortieth anniversary at the Ice Cream Social. Former MLNA president Bill Cranston created special “Celebrating 40 years” name tag labels just for this year’s event.

If you were living in Monta Loma in 1977 or earlier, please mention it to the staff at the welcome table and have a gold star added to your name tag.

We’d like to list the names of our 40-year residents in the next newsletter (with their permission, of course). If you are, or know, one of these, please contact us.

We have a copy of the “Interested in meeting further” sign-up list dated June 1977. More than 90 residents signed its five pages at what we think was the first MLNA meeting. A copy of the list will be at the Monta Loma History table at the Ice Cream Social, but if you’d like to see it before then, contact us.

Do you have items to contribute to our collection of Monta Loma history? If so, you can bring them to the Monta Loma History table at the Ice Cream Social or contact us.