Show your pride in our neighborhood by wearing a Monta Loma tee shirt. We will order a limited number of red shirts and gray shirts to sell at the Ice Cream Social on August 27, but you may order your shirt in any of the colors shown on the sites below. Click on each style’s link to see all the color options. (The Ladies V-Neck site shows a darker gray for Light Steel, but it’s actually the light gray shown on the other sites.)

Note that the only way to guarantee having a shirt in your size and preferred style and color is to order it in advance. If you don’t order, your choices will be limited to the red and gray shirts we buy to sell at the ICS. The deadline to order shirts is
5 p.m. on Monday, August 14.
The once-a-year order will be submitted on Tuesday morning, August 15.

The shirts are priced at our cost. Pay when you pick up your shirt(s). If you’d like to have a shirt earlier than the third week of August, contact Marilyn to see whether one of the shirts remaining from last year’s order will fit you.

To order, open an email message to Marilyn (or send an email to if you’re using a webmail service) and enter your choices from these styles:


For each shirt wanted, enter in your email message

1) Style name and number, plus color name
2) Size
3) Your name, street address, and phone number