Elna and Alan staffed the welcome table.
Neighborhood Watch Chair Tom Purcell brought his Monta Loma History display.
Nirvana greeted Marty, who offers our tee shirts.
The scooping team was ready for action.
Retired Mountain View Trees head Ray Morneau looks over the Canopy display.
Jessica and Nam staffed the Recreation Dept table.


PTA members chatted with prospective members.
Janine McCurdy explained the city’s Zero Waste program.

Gizmo Gary consults with a customer.
Kids lined up for one of Gary’s balloon creations.
John Ari helped Gloria hand out cotton candy.
The Kurmans, holding their new Monta Loma tee shirts, chat with Isabella, who organized the kids’ activities.
One of the many visitors to the bookmobile.
The Bookmobile had 158 visitors.