Ernie’s trains will run again

John Bianco, Ernie’s son, will continue the tradition of running his model trains from Thanksgiving through Christmas Day. Weather permitting, five tracks run trains every evening except Mondays on Adele Ave. from 6:30 to about 9:00.

The engines and cars change daily. As many as 100 visitors a night (up to 300 on Christmas eve) come, including children brought by parents who themselves watched the trains when they were young.

Ernie also began the Christmas Eve tradition of curbside luminaria (candles in paper bags). Over the years, neighbors added their own, so a row of the softly glowing lights lines Adele.

Articles about Ernie’s trains appeared in the Mountain View Voice in 20102012 (pages 1 and 9); 2016; and 2018 (pages 1 and 17).

A 2015 article in the San Francisco Chronicle features photos by James Tensuan, son of neighbor Donna Tensuan.