I’ve long promised Cheryl Smith, one of our local historians, that I would add more of her articles to the History page, and I finally did.

Thanks to everyone, the many volunteers as well as the 300+ attendees, who helped make this year’s event such a huge success. Photos were taken by Jim

More than 70 neighbors responded to Dotty Calabrese’s invitation to view the Great American Eclipse in Thaddeus Park. Dotty set up her telescope with a sun

Last year’s record-setting 13 block parties were greatly enjoyed, so if your block hasn’t yet begun the tradition, this is the year to begin. “How-to” information is

Records indicate that the Monta Loma Neighborhood Association was organized in 1977, and we are celebrating its fortieth anniversary at the Ice Cream Social. Former MLNA president

The Annual Meeting and Board Election was held on Wednesday, May 31, at 250 Mayfield Ave. MLNA Board President Jill Rakestraw introduced the board candidates, who were elected unanimously.

A larger-than-ever crowd of more than 200 neighbors enjoyed the Spring Fling on March 4. The adults chatted with long-time and new neighbors, and also with our

John Bianco, Ernie’s son, continued the 30-plus-year tradition of running his model trains from Thanksgiving through Christmas Day. Weather permitting, five tracks ran trains every evening

The thirteen parties held in 2016 far exceeded the previous record of eight in 2015. Between Jane Lane’s first (of two) on June 26 and the wind-up

The workshop conducted by Mountain View Trees on June 11 was deemed a great success by the presenters and the attendees. Neighbors had submitted their questions