The neighborhood email list has long been a wonderful neighborhood resource, allowing us to share requests, information, no-longer-needed items, and much more. Problems with Yahoo Groups have made the list increasingly difficult to use, so the list owner is moving the list to a new host.

The conversion is currently in process. Those already on the Yahoo list have been emailed an invitation to join the new list. Once they have had time to answer the invitation, the new list will be activated and the old list retired. The target date to complete the transfer is March 31, with the new list active on April 1.

The new list has the same rules: Members must be Monta Loma residents or property owners, and it will still be an information and referral list, not a discussion list.

After April 1, Monta Loma residents and property owners who would like to join the list can join by following the instructions that will be posted at