The citywide garage sales will not be held this year due to the city staff’s pressing work on the Zero Waste Plan, but the city staff encourages us to hold our own neighborhood sales. (FYI, you can see that message here).

The Monta Loma neighborhood-wide garage sale is on Saturday, May 4. As of the third week of April, sales are planned for Adele, Alvin (2 in the 2500 block), Benjamin, Craig, Dell, Hamilton, Jewell, Lassen (2), Mardell (2), Nita, Thaddeus, Thompson Ave. (4), and Whitney.

If you would like to hold a sale at your home, send a message via the Contact page to have your sale posted on our website. Include your name, address, and sale hours. Most families have chosen the customary hours of 8:00 to 2:00, but you can set your own hours.

Mentioning the types of items you’re offering is helpful.

If your sale will continue on Sunday, say so and include the hours. So far, none of those who have already registered plan to continue their sale on Sunday.

For privacy reasons your name won’t be included. If you also want your exact address (house number) omitted on the web, please specify.