Neighborhood garage sale May 2 – Cancelled

Note: The garage sale has been cancelled, along with the city-wide garage sale. All other activities are on hold while the restrictions about meetings are in place. Our neighborhood garage sale last year gave us all an excuse to walk around the neighborhood and chat with neighbors on a lovely May day. In addition to those who had publicized their sales, many others put out their “giveaways” at the end of their driveways, and some enterprising kids had lemonade stands. The event was such a success that we’re hoping to do it again this year, in conjunction with the city’s City Wide Garage Sale on Saturday, May 2. Mark your calendar now, and plan to participate as a seller, a shopper, or a meet-your-neighbors stroller. If you’re planning a garage sale (big or small), this will be the ideal day to attract the most customers. If you would like to hold a sale at your home, send a message via the Contact page to have your sale posted on our website. Include your name, address, and sale hours. Most families choose the customary hours of 8:00 to 2:00, but you can set your own hours. Mentioning the types of items you’re offering is helpful. If your sale will continue on Sunday, say so and include the hours. For privacy reasons your name won’t be included. If you also want your exact address (house number) omitted on the web, please specify. To also register your sale with the City, go to

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