At Monta Loma Plaza, 580 N. Rengstorff Ave., corner of W. Middlefield:

Valero Service Station
Meriwest Credit Union
Martial Arts Academy
Ernie’s Wines & Liquors
Green & Fresh Cleaners
Star’s Nail Salon
Chang’an Artisan Noodle (restaurant)
Taqueria La Bamba (restaurant)


At the Walgreens Plaza, N. Rengstorff Ave., corner of Central Expressway:

Shell Station 110 N. Rengstorff
Sunbeam Cleaners 128 N. Rengstorff
Rincon Sabroso (restaurant) 122 N. Rengstorff
Crazy Piñata (party supplies) 120 N. Rengstorff
Formerly Walgreens, now vacant 112 N. Rengstorff
Christina’s Salon (hair salon) 108 N. Rengstorff
Bamboo Garden (restaurant) 108 N. Rengstorff
Central Liquors 106 N. Rengstorff
Willow Street Insurance (It’s a chain.) 104 N. Rengstorff
Hobee’s (restaurant) 2312 Central Expressway
Vacant 2320 Central Expressway

Across Central Expressway and the train tracks:

La Plaza Market (formerly Mi Pueblo) 40 S. Rengstorff Ave.