Every other year three city council members plus staff members from most of the city departments — including Police, Public Works (streets and traffic), Community Services, and Planning — come to update us on their plans and respond to our questions.

The 2018 meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday, October 25, at Crittenden School, 1701 Rock Street. Our flyer is here.

The City of Mountain View Council Neighborhoods Committee (CNC) oversees programs and activities intended to improve and enhance the city’s neighborhoods. The current committee members are Councilmember Pat Showalter (Chair), Vice Mayor Lisa Matichak, and Councilmember John McAlister.

The functions of the Council Neighborhoods Committee include:

  • Hosting three to four neighborhood meetings throughout the community to hear comments about neighborhood issues and respond to suggestions for improving city services.
  • Supervising the city’s Neighborhood Grant Program that provides funding to support the activities and organization of neighborhood groups.
  • Making recommendations to the City Council on issues referred to them concerning housing, neighborhoods, and similar residential topics.

The previous meeting was held at Crittenden School on September 22, 2016. The report of that meeting, including the city’s responses to the issues raised, is here.
The report of the 2014 meeting is here.